Elvgren Caption List

The primary copyrighted titles appear in alphabetical order.

All other titles are in parenthesis

Approximate date of completion follows


A Christmas Eve (Waiting for Santa) 1954

A Delightful Date 1961

A Fair Shake 1960

A Fast Takeoff (A Speedy Takeoff) 1954

A Good Connection 1958

A Good Hook-Up 1937 Dow

A Good Sign 1951

A Grand Slam (April Show'er) 1961

A Hitch in Time 1940 Dow

A Key Situation 1967

A Knockout 1939 Dow

A Knotty Problem 1950

A Lad-Her Problem 1940 Dow

A Live Wire 1937 Dow

A Lot at Steak 1955

A Near Miss (Surprising Turn; Hose to Blame) 1960

A Neat Display 1953

A Neat Package 1961

A New Wrinkle 1961

A Number to Remember 1955

A Peek-a-Knees 1939 Dow

A Perfect Pair n.d. Dow

A Pleasing Discovery 1942 Dow

A Polished Performance 1964

A Put-Up Job 1955

A Real Stopper (Now I'll Do the Whistling) 1949

A Refreshing Lift 1970

A Shady Trick 1953

A Sharp Lookout (Stem to Stern) 1961

A Spicy Yarn 1952

A Stitch in Time 1957

A Warm Welcome 1959

Adoration 1945

Aiming High (Will William Tell?) 1959

Aiming to Please (I Shot Him in the Excitement) 1946

Aiming to Please (Shoving Off) 1960

Air Conditioned 1950

All Set (How Do I Look?) (Star of the Show) 1956

All Smiles ( Glamorous and Witchcraft) 1962

All Wet n.d. Dow repaint

All Wound Up (Keyed Up) 1964

All Yours 1958

Aloha Oooooo 1968

Always in Time 1960

American Beauties (I Hope He Mrs. Me) 1949

Anchors A-Wow 1968

And the Wind Blew 1940s

Ankles Aweigh 1939 Dow

Annette 1966

Appreciative Audience (Bird's Eye View) 1960

At Your Service 1962

Aw-Come On 1953

A-Cute Injury 1953

Back in the Saddle (Close Pals)1946

Barbecutie (Rare Treat) 1964

Bare Essentials 1957

Bear Facts (A Modest Look; Bearback Rider) 1962

Study for Bear Facts

Barrel of Fun 1966

Be My Guest (Sweet Presentation) 1963

Beat That! 1953

Beautiful Lady 1966

Belle Wringer 1941 Dow

Best Foot Forward (Feet First) 1958

Bewitching 1956

Bird's-Eye View 1942 Dow

Bird's-Eye View (Well Built) 1955 Blanket Coverage (A Peach on the Beach) (Bird's-Eye View) 1950

Blanket Coverage (And Now's the Time to See if Frozen Assets Can Be Thawed) 1952

Blind Date Dow repaint

Bow Spirit 1960s

Breathless Moment (Girl on Flying Trapeze) 1945

Bronco Bested (Bronco Busted) 1965

Bubbling Over 1951

Budding Out 1968

Captivating 1962

Captivating 1950s

Catch On 1941 Dow

Catching On Dow repaint

Caught in the Draft (What's Up) Dow n.d.

Caught Napping 1954

Cee Bee (To Have) (Fascinating Figures) 1953

Cee Bee (To Hold) (Fascinating Figures) 1953

Celeste 1958

Charmaine 1957

Charming (Charming Trick) 1961

Check and Double Check (Now Don't Get Me in a Corner; It's Your Move) 1946

Class Dismissed (Teacher's Pet) 1970

Claws for Alarm (Rude Awakening; Caught in a Pinch) 1958

Clean Sweep Dow repaint

Cold Feed (Cold Front) 1958

Colette 1957

Come and Get It 1959

Confidentially, It Sticks; (Friends Can Help With Sticky Going) 1948

Coming Right Up 1956

CON-fused 1960s

Cooling Off (A Cool Number) 1958

Corinne 1960s

Cornered 1955

Cover, Girl! 1965

Cover Girl (Clean Sweep) 1963

Cover Up 1955

Cracker Capers 1969

Curving Around (Sharp Curves) 1960

Cute Pair Dow repaint

Daisies Are Telling (Love Me, Love Me Not) 1955

Dampened Doll 1967

Darlene (Bedside Manner) 1958

Denise (Pur-r-rty Pair) 1960

De-Fence (On De-Fence) n.d. Dow

Did Someone Whistle? 1947

Did You Recognize Me by My Voice? 1948

Disturbing Elements 1939 Dow

Ditzler advertisements

Do You Think I "No" Too Much? (My datebook's showing signs of age; Girl at Writing Desk) 1948

Doctor's Orders 1939 Dow

Doctor, Are All Those Fellows Interns? (September checkups are the way to keep yourself in shape.

But too many cooks can spoil the broth, and too many doctors-gape!) 1946

Dog Gone 1946

Doggone Good (Puppy Love) 1959

Double Exposure 1940 Dow

Double Trouble (It's Nearly Time to Close the Books) 1951

Drawing Attention (Do You Think I Could Draw a Man?) 1949

Dream Date 1968

Dream Girl 1945

Dumb Pluck Dow repaint

Elegance 1950

Enchanting 1953

Evening Out (It Will Take More than One Evening Out) 1969

Everything Seems High Around Here 1946

Eye Catcher 1969

Fall Changeover 1952

Fascination 1952

Fast Lass (A Winner) 1965

Fifi 1956

Figures Don't Lie 1939 Dow

Finders Keepers 1945

Fire Belle (Always Ready) 1956

Fit to Be Tied 1956

Fit to Be Tied 1951

Fit to Kill (I'm Fair Game for Any Hunt!)(I'm Game) 1965

Flowery Talk (Right Number) 1964

Flying High 1952

Foil Proof n.d. Dow

Foot Loose 1944 Dow

Forced Landing 1937 Dow

Free Wheeling 1937 Dow

French Dressing 1939 Dow

Fresh! 1949

Fresh Breeze (Catering Wind; Breezy Teas) 1960

Fresh Breeze! (It's a Fresh Breeze) 1956

Fresh Breeze (Wayward Wind) 1950

Fresh Lobster Dow repaint

Gay Nymph 1947

Gentlemen Prefer . . .? (Gents Prefer) 1963

Get the Picture? 1957

Gina 1959

Going Places (Soft Pedaler) 1959

Going Up 1944 Dow

Going Up 1955

Golden Beauty 1957

Good Looking 1950

Hairline Decision (Dis-Tressing) 1962

Handle with Care 1952

Hard to Handle 1957

Hard to Suit (Who me?)1952

Have a Heart (Taken to Heart) 1964

Haven't I Got Swell Eggs? 1946

He Almost Scared Me out of My Skin 1948

He Kept Pressing Me for Details (Happy Valentine, my dear, and disregard my pout, our February lovers' spats can all be ironed out) (When Tasks Are Pressing It's Well Worth Knowing) 1948

He Thinks I'm Too Good to Be True (She sits home every night, just waiting there for you.

She's perfect . yes, but possibly she's too good to be true.) 1947

He Wants to Stay Single, But I'd Rather Knot 1948

He Was Neither a Gentleman Nor a Sculler 1948

Help Wanted Dow 1939

Help Wanted 1952

Help Wanted (Pretty Puzzled) 1956

Help Wanted (Petty Perplexed) 1960

Her Party Line 1951

Hi-Ho, Sliver! 1969

Hidden Treasures 1954

High and Shy 1950

Hold Everything (Skirting the Issue) 1962

Hold Everything(Making Friends Puppy Love) 1962

Hoops, My Dear (Whooping It Up) 1956

I Barely Made It 1948

I Don't Mind the Ride . . . It's the Jerks (Watch Your Step, Not the Operator) 1948

I Gave Him the Brush-Off (I Gave This the Brush-Off) 1947

I Guess I'm a Poor Loser 1947

I Hope the Boys Don't Draw Straws Tonight 1946

I Must Be Going to Waist (Waisted Effort) 1946

I Run into the Most Interesting People 1948

In a Lather 1952

In for a Tanning (Smart Grab) 1944 Dow

In the Dough 1937 Dow

In the Red 1950

In the Swing 1951

Indian Sign 1955

Inside Story (Overexposure) 1959

Intermission (Waiting Long?) 1960s

Is My Face Red? Dow repaint

Is This the Right Angle, Professor? (Dunce?) 1948

Is This Worth Cultivating? 1946

Isn't This the Open Season? 1946

It's a Snap (Pretty Snappy; Snap Judgment) 1958

It's Easy 1955

It's Nothing to Sneeze At 1947

It's Time to Put the Motion before the House 1948

It's Up to You 1958

I'm a Happy Medium (And Find Out How the Future Looks) 1947

I'm Just Trying It for Sighs 1948

I'm Never Promoted, But I Get Lots of Advances 1946

I'm Not Shy, I'm Just Retiring (Too Much Champagne) 1947

I've Been Spotted (Lasting Impression) 1956

I've Been Spotted 1949

Jeanette 1962

Jeepers, Peepers (Jeepers Creepers; It's Much Too Hot...) 1948

Jill Needs Jack 1950

Just for You (Sand Witch) 1961

Just Right (The Eyeds of March) 1962

Just the Type n.d. Dow

Keep Your Eye on the Ball 1955

Keeping Posted (Fan Mail) 1947

Keyed Up 1963

Knee-ding a Lift (The High Way) 1940 Dow

Last Stand (Fare Maiden) 1961

Latin from Manhattan Dow repaint

Lavender Lovely 1970

Lazy Days Are Here Again (Let's have a picnic on the grass, out in some country dell, and if it's private property, the daisies never tell.) 1948

Let's Eat Out 1967

Let's Go 1960

Let's Go 1957

Let's Go around Together 1948

Life of the Party 1952

Lola 1955

Look Out Below (Easy Does It) 1956

Looking for Trouble 1953

Looking for Trouble 1950

Looking Up (Queen's Rain) 1962

Lucky Chaps 1962

Lucky Dog Dow 1944

Lucky Dog (Dog Gone Robber) 1958

Making Friends 1951

Man's Best Friend n.d. Dow

Mary Go Round Dow repaint

Meant For You (Pretty as a Rose) 1965

Measuring Up (Holding Out) 1961

Mighty Sweet 1950

Mimi (Sweet Dreams) (Waiting For You) 1956

Miss-Placed Confidence (Dog Gone It) 1940 Dow

Mitzi (Sleepy Time Girl) 1961

Modern Venus 1949

Modest Maneuver 1969

Mona (Heartwarming) 1959

Moonlight and Roses (Miss Sinclair 1965) 1963

More than Enough (Eye Popper) 1960

NAPA advertisements

Nature Girl (Something for Netting?) 1956

Neat Trick 1958

Net Results 1941 Dow

No Peeking 1955

No Stares (Corralled Beauty) 1940 Dow

No You Don't! (Time for Decision) 1956

Nobody Can Pinch Me! 1946

Now Don't Ask Me "What's Cookin'"1948

Now, Here's a Cute Little Number 1947

A Turn for the Better (Odds-On Favorite) 1962

Oh, No! 1968

On Her Toes! 1954

On the Beam 195l

On the Fence 1959

On the House 1958

On the Right Track (My Money Goes Faster than the Horses) 1949

On the Run 1951

One for the Money 1954

OOh, What a Line (Wow, What a Line) 1949

Out in the Cold (My Tale's Told) 1954

Out of the Running (What a Heel!) 1953

Out of This World 1959

Out on a Limb 1937 Dow

Overexposed 1941 Dow

Palette-Able 1937 Dow

Partial Coverage (Flashback; Sunnyside Up) 1960

Partial Coverage 1956

Parting Company 1950

Peek-a-View 1940 Dow

Perfect Form 1968

Perfection 1948

Perfect Form 1953

Perfection (Appealing) 1940s

Phone-a-Vision 1969

Pick of the Crop (Up A Tree) 1964

Picture Pretty 1967

Suzette (Pillows, Anyone?; What Did You Say about a Pillow?) 1968

Pin-Up Girl 1967

Plane View n.d. Dow

Playing Safe n.d. Dow

Playmate (Playful Mood) 1960

Pleasant to Si 1969

Plenty Sharp (Get the Point) 1959

Popular Number 1953

Pot Luck 1961

Pretty Cagey 1953

Pretty Please? 1959

Pretty Sharp 1970

Puppy Love (Doggone Good) 1957

Quick-Change Artist 1967

Rare Edition 1962

Rarin' to Go 1951

Ready for Roundup 1963

Real Neat 1956

Real Swinger 1965

Red, White, and Blue (Red, Hot, and Blue) 1966

Rest Assured 1952

Thinking of You 1962

Riding High 1954

Riding High 1958

Riding High 1970

A Near Miss (Right on Target) 1964

Roxanne 1960

Ruffled Feathers 1967

Sailor Beware (See Worthy) 1963

Sailor Beware 1953

Screen Test 1968

Second Thoughts 1969

See Worthy 1956

See Worthy 1944 Dow

Shaping Up (A Satisfied Customer) 1959

Sharon 1975

Sheer Comfort 1959

Sheer Delight (This Soots Me) 1948

Sheer Nonsense 1953

Shell Game (Shell-Shocked) 1959

Short on Sails 1939 Dow

Simone 1967

Sitting Pretty 1939 Dow

Sitting Pretty 1953

Sitting Pretty (Lola) 1955

Skirting the Issue 1956

Skirting the Issue 1952

Skirting Trouble 1941 Dow

Skirts Ahoy! 1967

Sleepy Time Gal Dow repaint

Sleepy Time Girl n.d. Dow

Slip Off Shore 1944 Dow

Smoke Screen 1958

Snow Fun Dow repaint

Social Security 1937 Dow

Socking It Away (This Way I Draw More Interest)(Investments Should Be.) 1949

Some Cute Tricks 1951

Some Help! (Down Boy!) 1952

Something Borrowed, Something Blue 1947

Something Bothering You? (What's Wrong) 1957

Something New 1957

Splendid View (Out to Sea) 1960

Sport Model 1940 Dow

Spotty Performance (Occupational Hazard)(Stemographer) 1962

Spring Dress Up (Worth Cultivating) 196

Spring Fever 1954

Squirrely Situation 1969

Station W.O.W. n.d. Dow

Stepping High 1964

Stepping Out 1953

Stepping Out (Stepping High) 1950s


Success! 1958

Sun-Kissed (How Do You Like My New Bathing Suit?) 1948

Sure Shot 1937 Dow

Surprise Package (Maybe You Weren't Expecting This) 1947

"Surprised?" (Surprise) 1952

Surprising Catch 1952

Suzanne 1963

Suzette (Black Chiffon) 1956

Sweet Sue (Peace Offering; Sweet Sioux) 1963

Swim, Anyone? 1969

Swingin' Sweetie 1968

Sylvania calendars

Tail Wind Dow

Taking a Chance (No Bikini A toll) 1962

Taking Off 1955

Taking Ways (Southern Exposure) 1950

Tasteful Design 1960s

Teeter Taught Her (Well Balanced) 1944 Dow

Thar She Blows 1939 Dow

That Low-Down Feeling (Who, Me?) 1957

The Cads Were Stacked against Me 1948

The Final Touch (Keep 'Em Flying) 1954

The Finishing Touch (Polished Performance) 1960

The High Sign 1942 Dow

The Honeymoon's Over (A Good Man's Hard to Find-Once You Marry Him) 1949

The Right Number 1961

The Right Scale 1960

The Right Touch 1958

The Verdict Was "Wow!" 1947

The Winner (A Fair Catch) 1957

The Wrong Nail (Wrong Nail) 1967

They're Easy to Handle When You Know How (She makes you dance to every whim, at Christmas things get worse. You'll find one string tied to your heart-another to your purse.) 1948

Thin Ice (Smooth Sailing) Dow

Thinking of You (Retirement Plan) 1962

This Bicycle's Built for Woo 1947

This Doesn't Seem to Keep the Chap from My Lips 1948

This Eve's Up and Adam 1948

This Is the Skin I Love to Touch 1947

This Ought to Make a Good Shot (Let's Step Inside and See What's Developing) 1948

Ticklish Situation 1957

Time for Decision 1951

Toast of the Town (A Frame Worth Picturing) 1954

Tops in Service 1958

Tree for Two n.d. Dow

Trim Limbs Dow repaint

True to You (Sitting Pretty) 1950

TV Spectacular 1959

Two Cushion 1937 Dow

Unexpected Lift (A Nice Catch) 1961

Vision of Beauty (Unveiling) 1947

Up and Cunning 1955

Up in Central Park 1950

Up in the Air Dow repaint

Up in the Air (Whooooooosh) 1965

Upsetting Upset 1969

Vicki (Sleepytime Gal) 1964

Waisted Effort (Hey, Honey . . . It's a Cinch) 1950

Wait for Me 1958

Waiting for You (Proofs Wanted) 1955

Wanted 1961

Watch This 1949

We Had a Little Falling Out 1946

Weight Control n.d. Dow

Weighty Problem (Starting at the Bottom) 1962

Welcome Traveler 1955

Well Balanced 1954

Well Built (R-R-Roof!) 1961

Well Heeled (Always in Style) 1957

Well Picked (Wading for You) 1965

Well Seated 1965

What a Break 1944 Dow

What a Deal 1951

What a View 1957

What Do You Think? 1961

What Hoe! 1940 Dow

What's Cooking? 1944 Dow

What's Cooking? (He's Got a Bachelors Degree But I'll Change That) 1949

What's Sarong with This? (Tops 'Em All) 1946

What's Up? 1957

Wish You Were Near 1969

With the Greatest of Ease (In the Swing) 1959

Worth a Gander 1951

Worth Crowing About 1954

Worth Cultivating (A Nice Crop) 1952

Your Choice (Me???) 1962

Your Favorite 1957

Your Move 1964

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