Counterfeit Cards

Yes, there are counterfeit and fakes out there. Its hard to determine when these cards were produced, but almost assuredly they were done after the glory days of the lithographer's art.

The fake cards are almost always easy to spot. The first clue is the reverse. Fakes are usually quite white, while a vintage card is a greyish yellow. Secondly, a knockoff will be blurry or indistinct. This is especially noticable on the fine type of 'A Mutoscope Card'. Lastly, if you have a sensitive scale, you'll see that the older, authentic cards weigh some 20% more than the imposters.

These are the cards I have most often observed as fakes, so beware: Pretty Foxy, Scooping The Beach, Hit The Deck, Visibility Perfect, Coming Out On Top, Don't Try Any Pincer Movements On Me, I'm Single But That Could Be Altered, I'm Keeping Abreast Of The Times, Is My Face Red?, Who Said Anchors Aweigh?