Mutoscope Cards

Mutoscope cards were produced in the '40s and dispensed by vending machines for around two cents a pop. They have a distinctive size of 5.25" x 3.25". All Mutoscope cards carry the inscription 'A Mutoscope Card' on them somewhere. The format was used for other subjects such as cheesecake photos, cars, sports and movie stars. You know, guy stuff. The pinup series can be broken down by the six series produced by Brown & Bigelow and Louis F. Dow, both major players in the calendar art business.

The Mutoscope sets range in value from the Glamour Girls and Artist Pinups, which are most common, to the Yankee Doodle Girls and Follies, which are quite rare.

I've seen many Follies Girl cards imprinted for use as a postcard.

While it should seem that there would be 256 cards required to complete a collection (Two sets of 64 plus the other four of 32), there are actually 282 documented cards and perhaps another variation or two yet undiscovered.

Both the All American Girls and Hot 'Cha Girls series have a single different card. Both sets also have some cards which display subtle differences. I have information on these variations on a seperate page.

I also have provided information on card values, counterfeit cards and a near relative of the Mutoscope - The Exhibit cards of the 1950s.

Muto List in XLS format