Card Values

This is by definition a subjective category and capable of wide fluctuations. It is meant only as a rough guideline to what I have seen over years of collecting, buying and selling literally hundreds of Mutoscopes. When these were dispensed by machines, a card cost as little as two cents!

All prices are based on cards in very good condition: Sharp corners, no stains or creases. Then there are the 'variations' of cards which can drive up values. Also, some particularly toothsome artwork or subject matter might further deplete the supply (i.e. Golfers may buy an 'Up to Par' card.)

Glamour Girls ($5-6), Artist Pinup Girls ($5-7), Yankee Doodle Girls ($6-15), All American Girls ($8-20), Hot 'Cha Girls ($8-30) and Follies Girls ($25-75) This doesn't apply to those extra vaulable cards such as 'My Diver's License' ($175), 'Welcome Marines w/hat' ($150) or 'Golden Hours' ($100).